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Stress Free Living


Stress Free Living is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of special and effective tools that can be applied against stress for young and old, students and teachers, interns and business professionals alike. In the Stress Free Living course we apply Thought Field Therapy - TFT - in combination with storytelling. Furthermore, we combine these techniques with excercises in mindfulness. 





How does it work?


The session is based on your storytelling – how you feel specifically in situations of discomfort and uneasiness. You are not the only one suffering from stress or performance anxiety, and learning to express that is highly useful.


Many people – professionals, teachers, students – anybody – can feel terrible, and stressed when they are about to perform, whether it be at the exam table, at a job interview, a speech you need to make for family or acquaintances, or when you are about to perform for your classmates during a study, even if they are well-prepared.


During the sessions we apply an easy and effective method, which makes you relax your body and still your mind immediately. After the process  you will be able to apply these techniques to prepare yourself for any urgent situation.


The techniques will help you stay calm, focused and concentrated, which

will strengthen both your performance and you as a person and your performance, allowing you to take back your power, or cultivate the power you never had.




We offer workshops for educational institutions such as primary schools, colleges, universities, business schools, international schools, business professionals, etc. We also offer 1 to 1 sessions for those seeking private consultation. Anybody who applies these techniques will experience change irrespective of age.


Exam or performance anxiety is a complex reaction resulting from both physical and mental stimuli. Some people experience so much discomfort that it affects them disproportionately, and even if they are well prepared, they might be overwhelmed by anxiety or fear.

Some of the most well known symptoms of this anxiety are:


  • Physical elements

  • Difficulties breathing

  • Going blank

  • Accelerated heartbeat

  • Sweaty palms

  • Chest pain

  • Stomach pain

  • Queasiness

  • Nausea

  • Lost apetite

  • Diarrehea

  • Memory loss

  • Difficulties in hearing and sleeping

  • Inability to concentrate                                                     

  • Mental elements

  • Self-doubts and worries


When you are anxious you may experience emotional instability, sadness, frustration and introversion.

Often anxiety involves a feeling of not being good enough, which leads to lacking performance. Every time you are in the process of performing, you expose yourself to the possibility of evaluation and criticism. You may fear acting stupid, ignorant or feeling inferior. What if I fail? Whose expectations am I not able to meet?


Anxiety is often connected to other worries in your life, such as your future plans, next term, economy, and future holiday, existential dread and other things that may result in stressing you out.



The consultants in STRESS FREE LIVING are certified in Psycological First Aid, Psykiatrifonden and Trygfonden









How would it be for you, if you could live you life in flow and in accordance with your values?


  • Stress Free Livings’ goal/purpose is to set you free. 

  • Stress Free Living works with people in need of tools and support to cope with emotionally encumbered situations and ways of behaviour.

  • Stress Free Living is meant for those who suffer from physical symptoms of distress when nervous.

  • Stress Free Living is for those who need to strengthen their self-esteem and boost their confidence. 

  • Stress Free Living offers individual sessions for those who prefer to work on their challenges in a 1-to-1 context.


Furtermore we offer workshops for organisations wanting to apply tools and techniques that might strengthen the employees’ self esteem and prevent stressful working days.


Call us for further information.


TFT mentor and stresskonsultant Ingebrit Mouritzen

Career Advisor and stresskonsultant Barbara Scheel

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