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In my company I offer 3 different forms of treatment: ‘Thought Field Therapy’, Ear Acupuncture, and Stress Release treating any form of grief, from job stress to the loss of loved ones.


Thought Field Therapy


‘Thought Field Therapy’, or TFT, is a tool targeted specifically towards situations concerning emotional emergency, such as panic attacks and numerous phobias.


TFT is comprised of consistently tapping on specific pressure points around one’s body while focusing on the problem facing them.


TFT techniques are used with a success rate of 85%, showing fast, effective and measurable results with no side effects or risks

at all.

Ear Acupuncture


Ear acupuncture is very effective for treating psychological and physical imbalances and stress. Do you have problems with sleeping, anxiety, stress, headaches or migraines? Acupuncture can help to ensure balance in your body and mind.


Ear acupuncture is also used against addictions to nicotine and other drugs. The experiences of withdrawal that addicts suffer through are softened by acupuncture, as the painful cravings that come with it are greatly lessened.


I combine most of my coaching sessions with acupuncture, as this combination offers the best results for the clients.



Magic 4 Women

Magic 4 women is an innovative course running for 4 days. The course is for women who want to know and learn more about their abilities to follow their dreams both privately and professionally. If you really want to change your life, this course is meant for you.

Strees Free Living

Stress Free Living is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of special and effective tools that can be applied against stress for young and old, students and teachers, interns and business professionals alike. In the Stress Free Living course we apply Thought Field Therapy - TFT - in combination with storytelling. Furthermore, we combine these techniques with excercises in mindfulness.  

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