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On fear of flight:

“Ingebrit, thank you so much for helping me control my fear of flying on board the flight SK559 on the 5th November, 2011. I was amazed that it vanished so quickly. I am attending a very intensive education in Paris and have to go back and forth several times. Ingebrit told me that I could use the same techniques before my exam against emotional distress. This is really a miraculous method! Personally I think that the fear of flying was the cause of much of my emotional distress, and this method was extremely effective after tapping a short while. I got very tired and thirsty and I was completely free of my fear of flying.”

-Minja Martensson, student

On fear of flight:

“Thank you, Ingebrit, for helping me control my fear of flying. You showed much compassion and your tapping methods really made me relax. I shall bear these techniques in mind in case I need them in the future.”

- Sofia Nerbrand

On fear of flight:

“While on-board a flight, Ingebrit introduced me to TFT, showing me how to tap on different acupuncture points to effectively control my panic attacks and fear of flying. This helped me a lot and I became very relaxed and sleepy, ensuring that I was unable to panic. The flight from Copenhagen to Kristianssand went very well and this was the first time for years that I did not cry at all. I am going to Israel this coming summer to attend a friend´s wedding and look forward to it – happy to know the tapping techniques in case I should experience any fears. Thank you very much and I hope that one day you will come to Norway to share these techniques with others.”

-Helene Ebeltoft, student

On migraines:

"Within 15 minutes of trying TFT, my migraine was beginning to ease, and after approximately an hour it had disappeared entirely. I am very surprised and happy to have learned how to tap away migraines."

Elizabeth, teacher

On fear of heights and flight:

“Ingebrit’s TFT treatment has improved my life in so many ways. It has allowed me to treat the emotional roots of my problems, leaving me much less stressed, more tolerant towards my children, and leaving me much happier. I’ve also found myself to be much more assertive. Suddenly, I look forward to my next flight!”

- Sanne

On fear of flight/panic attacks:

“When I was a purser for SAS in one of my flights a mother arrived to the air craft holding a crying boy in her hand. The boy, Simon, was terrified and refused to enter the aircraft. The captain allowed me some extra time to get Simon on board. By using TFT techniques and talking very calmly to him, he voluntarily entered the aircraft walking relaxed and unconcerned to a seat, where he could see me. We took off with little delay. I introduced the TFT techniques to both Simon and his mother to use in case it was necessary on their next flight. Later I received a letter from the family thanking me for getting rid of Simon’s fear of flight.”

- Simon, 9 years old


On fear of flight:

“I have been afraid of flying for many years, and my subsequent dislike of travel has made me miss out on numerous invitations and opportunities. However, on-board a flight from Paris I was recommended to contact Ingebrit, and after only 3 sessions and with the skills of Ingebrit and the tapping techniques, I no longer fear flying; in fact, I managed to sleep through my last flight.”

-Emilie Møller, nurse and psychotherapist


On fear of flight/panic attacks:

"I have consulted Ingebrit 4 times and it has created huge change in my life. For years I have suffered from a fear of flying, as well as a fear of consulting doctors or dentists, that I simply couldn’t overcome. I understood my fears to be rubbish, but I held to them irrationally nonetheless. However, through TFT treatment Ingebrit has helped me work through much of this “rubbish”, and has changed my life. I have been to my doctor and dentist many times since I started and no longer suffer panic attacks. In addition, I no longer fear flying."

- L.M

On fear of flight:

“First and foremost - a big thanks for introducing me to TFT on my flight from Oslo to Copenhagen on the 13th of February, 2012. I relaxed so much that I almost fell asleep. Incredibly, my baby felt this too, as she turned quiet and was smiling a lot. It means a lot to me to be able to relax when flying, especially as my family lives abroad. Now I feel like I can enjoy my flights, so I can visit my family more often. Thanks again!”

- Lee Diana Winde (travelling with a baby).


On panic attacks:

“I have an experience that I would like to share with you. Recently I was on holiday with my boyfriend, and on the return flight, I experienced something quite extraordinarily. I have suffered from anxiety for the last 6 years. Everyone who has knowledge of anxiety or is related to someone who suffers from this knows that sometimes it is very depressing and other times the sun is shining. Anxiety is your enemy, but at the same time it is also your best friend. When anxiety is your enemy everything is dangerous and hard to deal with and the opposite, when fear is your friend life is much easier. When I have panic attacks I am scared of everyone around me. When my boyfriend and I were boarding on the return flight, I had a panic attack, and I definitely did not want to board the airplane. I didn’t fear flight per-se, but rather all the other passenger on-board the aircraft. Very few people can reach me or connect to me. I am scared of everybody. A glance, a touch of a hand or even a smile can make me freak out. But then the sweet Air Purser kneeled down in front of me and took my hand. In any other anxiety related situation, I’d have panicked and run away. But this woman had the ability to talk sense into my head. She showed me how to tap on some points and what my boyfriend could do to help me when I was about to have a panic attack. After half an hour I was completely calm and relaxed. I did not at all worry about the other passengers or what they thought about me. I enjoyed the rest of the flight, fully at ease and relaxed without even sparing my anxiety a thought.

This was a big miracle for me. For 6 years I could do nothing but succumb to my anxiety, when I felt in my body it was about to get the grip of me again. After meeting this fantastic woman I could suddenly manage my anxiety and seize the moment.

Thank you so much, Ingebrit. Everyone else who is suffering from anxiety as well as their family deserves to know of this successful experience and this woman. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel – remember it! Nothing is impossible.” 

- Cecilie


On exam anxiety:

"I have always suffered from exam anxiety, even if I had studied enough. Through a friend I was introduced to Ingebrit and to TFT. I was very surprised that my exam anxiety stemmed from some unsolved and traumatic childhood experiences. By using the TFT techniques I got to the root of the problem, got rid of the exam anxiety and I distinguished myself with a fine exam."

- Bjarne, Psychologist 

On fear of flight:

“Thank you for introducing me to the tapping techniques to control fear of flight during my travels between Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Even though I did not like the takeoff, I felt quiet and relaxed once I started tapping. I will never again purchase sedatives to aid me on my travels. Thanks so much for your help!”

- Inge-Marie

Prehistory – Migraine:

"20 years ago I was in a serious car accident where I banged my head against the windscreen and flew past 3 roadways, severely damaging my skull. The result of this was a strong hypersensitivity towards light, painful migraines, difficulty thinking and enormous fatigue. I was informed by my doctors that I would recover in approximately five years, though some of the damage would be permanent.

But I would not give up, so I tried various alternative treatments, such as kinesiology and homeopathy, which helped me function fairly normally after only 18 months. However, I still suffered from recurring headaches and migraines. Since then I tried other forms of treatment such a reflexology, massage, acupuncture, et cetera. Everything was relieving, but did not solve the problems.

On recommendation I turned to Ingebrit Mouritzen and told my story. The treatment she gave me consisted of TFT, healing, vitamins, cleanses, and a fast against carbohydrates of any kind.

After 3 sessions and persistent discipline I can state that my migraine has disappeared and that my level of energy has been raised. It is a big relief to go from suffering from migraines twice a week to having a random and brief headache once every 2 months."

Kasper Blomme, University lecturer

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