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Ear Acupuncture


Ear acupuncture is very effective for treating psychological and physical imbalances and stress. Do you have problems with sleeping, anxiety, stress, headaches or migraines? Acupuncture can help to ensure balance in your body and mind.


Ear acupuncture is also used against addictions to nicotine and other drugs. The experiences of withdrawal that addicts suffer through are softened by acupuncture, as the painful cravings that come with it are greatly lessened.


I combine most of my coaching sessions with acupuncture, as this combination offers the best results for the clients.


How does it work?


To best present the effects of ear acupuncture, I will detail a few cases from clients to receive the treatment below:


My associate, Professor Blomme, once suffered from strong knee pains. In a consultation, he revealed to me that he was due for a knee surgery the next day. However, after recieving my acupuncture treatment, he cancelled the surgery, for the very next morning the pain had all but dissipated.


In adition, I gave acupuncture to one Christina Kure Larsen, who was in the 41st week of her pregnancy with her first baby, and week 40 with her second. She was in excruciating pain during the last weeks of both pregnancies, but a few hours after acupuncture treatment, both babies were born only an our apart with no complications.


Morten Rydahl experienced snoring and sleeping problems for a long time. He had been examined for sleep apnea, but the results concluded that he didn’t have it. After 6 – 8 acupuncture treatments his snoring minimized significantly according to his wife and son.

When my clients are suffering from migraine and headache acupuncture lessens the pain effectively.


My son, Oliver, suffers from epilepsy. I have given him acupunture when being present during his sudden attacks of epileptic convulsion. The effect is huge, because the needles take away the blockages in his meridian system and the effectiveness of the needles make his body relax from the strong cramps and tensions in his body and the terrible headache that follows. This means that he normally recovers very fast after having the seizure.


In connection with my TFT/EFT sessions, I usually apply acupuncture as a final treatment when working with deep traumas, as this make the clients totally relaxed.



Individual session


Distress & Pain Management


Duration:              1 time

Price per session:  450 DKK including VAT



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