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About me

"Release yourself and enjoy the feeling of power" 


I am passionate about making a difference – to inspire and motivate people to let go of their own limiting beliefs and enable them to reach for their dreams and wishes, regaining their strength and trust in themselves.


One of my niches is the fear of flying. In my clinic I work with people suffering from exam anxiety, performance anxiety, and stress. Furthermore I help people, who have different kinds of phobias, are undergoing crises, and are suffering from deep grief – such as the loss of children, family and friends.


For the last 10 year I have applied TFT on-board the aircraft helping people to cope with their stress and fear of flying. In 9 out of 10 cases they leave the airplane relaxed and happy.



I work as an eclectic therapist combining all my experiences, skills and techniques with my professional educations to help clients take back their power and get a better life.


  • My company Mentor4you

  • Active Air Purser in SAS for 40 years

  • Bachelor in English, German and Spanish

  • Therapist in Kinesiology

  • Mindfullness Silent Retreat course in Spain in 2014

  • Certified NLP practitioner specializing in Hypnosis - Nichlass Farup, Mastery Coaching

  • Certified consultant in Psychological FIrst Aid, Psykiatrifonden 2014

  • Certified TFT therapist - Jette Holm, Holistic Institute

  • Former teacher - the Danish School of Complementary Therapy, Holistic Institute

  • Ear acupuncturist  – Holistic Institute

  • Meditation course - Svend Trier, Quantum Seminars

  • Tarot Card course – Jette Holm, Holistic Institute

  • Coaching - Anthony Robbins, Mastery University

  • The basic behavior of the consultant: Module 1, Britta Ankerstjerne - Peak Balance

  • The value-added consultant: Module 2, Britta Ankerstjerne - Peak Balance


The treatment requires 3 sessions of 1 hour each.


Price for 3 sessions DKK 2500,-  including VAT

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