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Magic 4 Women

An innovative way of approching life and going for what you really dream of and want for yourself in this life. 



Are you looking for inspiration and guidance on how to approach and follow you innermost dreams both personally and professionaly?


Do you dare challenge yourself in applying some of the most effective tools within personal and professional development?


Magic 4 women

Magic 4 women is an innovative course running for 4 days. The course is for women who want to know and learn more about their abilities to follow their dreams both privately and professionally. If you really want to change your life, this course is meant for you.

This is a course enabling you to find and explore the fantastic combination of competances/skills where you will learn to be in alignment with yourself both psychologically and physically and trust you inner feelings about who you really are.


This is putting yourself up front. Believe that you bring a lot to the table.

Do you dare challenge yourself?

Do you dare be your strong, autentic self? Sense the feeling of being yourself 100%.




Sign up for our course, if you dare challenge yourself on the subject: Who am I? What am I here for and for whom and what do I want from live?


  • Challenge yourself on your contribution to this world

  • Challenge yourself on your job choice.

  • Know your history. Why are you where you are now?

  • Challenge your dreams

  • Learn to listen to your innermost needs and your intuition

  • Would you like to work with creative, constructive and intuitive processes?

  • Would you like to know where and how to step forward in a new direction?

  • Would you like to be able to make a choice in a new direction and getting out of your comfort zone?

  • Would you like to strengthen your integrity?

  • Be the chosen one?

  • Start your journey right now.


Being conscious about the fact that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create you actions gives you the opportunity to direct you attention toward yourself, your needs, your talents, your dreams and your integrety.


Because …..


  • When you are in alignment you know what you want!

  • When you are in alignment people can sense your authencity!

  • When you are in alignment you are a strong ressource!

  • When you are in alignment you take reponsibility for your needs and development!

  • When you are in alignment you may prioritize your ambition and attract the life you want!

  • When you are in alighment people pay attention to you!

  • When you are in alignment you listen to your intuition and you shall be successful!

  • When you are in alignment you only need to be you!


The workshop is held together with Barbara Scheel, Career Counsellor

During this course you will be working with other fascinating women in processes which will have an effect on your own development.


As participant in the course you are offered 1 individual session for 2 hours.

Price: 4.800 DKK including VAT


Sign up on mobile phone +45 20690088 or or

or Barbara Scheel – SCHEEL.CPH.DK

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